DeadEye Deer Process

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This site will provide a link for you to purchase a 2 DVD SET for Only $9.99.   Learn How to Skin & De-Bone a Whitetail Deer in less than 15 minutes without ever "Field Dressing" aka "Gutting." These DVD's now contain a total of 5 deer being processed.  One of the deer is a nice 8 pointer that I show caping out to be mounted and then the de-boning process follows.  It also contains 3 kills captured on video and some interesting footage around deer camps all over the south east.  All of the processing I walk you through step by step and all major steps are setup as individual chapters on the DVD's so you can go back to that specific scene and review it over and over if necessary.  Both DVD's contain a lot of funny & enjoyable footage as well as showing the avid hunter how to easily process a deer of any size.  The name DEADEYE, for those of you that were wondering, was given to me by a long time buddy that has now gone onto heaven, Gary Ganous.  He always called me "OLD DEADEYE" and the name stuck because he said when he heard that gun go off, he knew there was something on the ground.  I also operate a hunt club under the same name in SC.  Gary & I worked together for over 8 years before he moved out of state but we still called each other almost weekly.  He was & will always be like my second father.