Each year I have modified my methods and have in the process become very efficient in where and when to make certain cuts.  I specified in one of the DVD's that the average deer in the SOUTH weighs between 100 - 150 lbs. but I go through the same steps regardless of the size of the animal unless it happens to be a trophy that will be mounted.  Once I have preserved my cape for the deer to be mounted, then I proceed in deboning the deer just like I would any other deer.  This process will work on many different species of mammals although I will only demonstrate on the Whitetail Deer.  This process is meant to speed up the time after you have pulled the trigger and save you a lot of money if you still wish to have the meat processed.  How many of you have passed up on that shot late in the evening because you thought about how long it would take you to get the deer processed before you could go home?  Your worries are over.  After you view my DVD's, you will be able to completely skin & de-bone and have your deer in a cooler before most people could unload their gun up and load up their ATV. 

     Here is a tip that I have done for years, take your old 64 oz. drink bottles and put water in them and place them in the freezer at your hunt camp.  After you have de-boned your deer, place two of these bottles in the cooler and there is no need to stop at the store and buy ice.  These frozen bottles will last at least 24 hours.  Anybody can load up their deer and take it to a processing house, but then the question is how long is my deer going to lye there before they have time to process it and get it into refrigeration?  Normally, if you take a deer to a processor that has been de-boned, your process fee will be cut in half.  My number one goal with the footage contained on these DVD's is to teach the avid hunter what steps to take to make the hunt that much more enjoyable & less time consuming after you make the shot.   


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