My dad (Randall) & my uncle (Jimmy) introduced me to Deer Hunting at a young age but I was the first to take a deer, of the three of us, at the age of 11.  I have hunted Whitetail Deer in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, & Alabama for the last 44 years.  They both had hunted rabbits for years and that first deer was cut up just like a rabbit but it took 3 - 4 hours longer.  For those that know me well can atest to the fact that hunting high is my secret.  You will find me up somewhere between 40 - 50 ft. in my Tree Lounge Stand unless it is bow season and I stick around the 30 ft. range.  I have taken 180+ deer during my life & over 100 of those have been bucks, most of wish I "Gutted" like most hunters until about 18 years ago.


At that point, I began to hang the deer and proceed by removing the hide, removing both front legs, removing the neck, removing the tenderloins ( inside & outside ), cutting the backbone into at the back legs to discard the entire body cavity with the entrails in tack, and then splitting the pelvis and removing the back legs.  All of these deer parts still had the bone in them and required additional work when I got home before I could process the quarters into steaks, hamburger, etc. or just package my deer quarters and place them in the freezer.  Then one day I had a brain storm to change my ways and start removing all the meat from the bones while the deer was still hanging.  I had many hunters tell me over the years after I started this method that I needed to video my self and start selling the footage.  I finally did just that and I have been selling these over the internet since that point.