The following are comments from Hunters that have purchased the DVD Set and are currently using the techniques that they learned from the DVD's.

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11/14/2013 Bruce Lattimer - Ennis, TX

I just received the DVD's; thank you for your prompt shipment. I have barely scratched the surface, but I am amazed at the simplicity of your method. One question though: what knife are you using that it will hold an edge through the entire process? Thanks again for the great information, and great effort, you have invested in these DVD's.  Answer: Thanks for the comments Bruce. Below is the name and model of the knife and I have attached a link to one that is selling on ebay. Best knife I have ever owned and I have tried & I own a lot of different brands and sizes. A case knife by far holds an edge longer than any other brand that I have tried and I also like the thin blade on this model. It’s not much wider than a filet knife so it allows you to maneuver around very quickly and precisely. Hope you have a great season. CASE XX MODEL 316-5 HUNTING KNIFE 5” fixed blade


10/05/2012 Adrian Jaques - Youngstown, NY

Thanks Randy, I received and watched the videos yesterday, it was very informative. Processing deer in the New York country can be a very cold process and the sooner you can finish the task the better. I look forward to trying the process as you outlined. One question for you, what kind of knife do you find works best, could'nt tell from the videos if you're using a fish fillet knife or a heavier boner knife. Thanks again.  Answer:  I normally use a Case fixed blade knife with a 6 inch blade. I have used Gerber, Buck, Old Timer, and a few other brand knifes but the Case brand seems to hold an edge longer than any other brand that I have tried but they all will work if they are extremely sharp. I have also used a fish fillet knife once or twice but the blade is long and sometimes is less efficient than a 5 or 6 inch fixed blade knife.


08/10/2012 J.M. Turner - Oregon

Hello Randy, Although I'm about past the age of hunting myself, I really enjoyed learning of your process. After my son-in-law watch them, I'll send them up to my brother-in-law & nephew to watch. So they will see the left coast and end up in Texas. Where from there, I have no idea, for that boy is a huntin' fool. And, every time I think of all the bloody messes I've had in the past, I'll slap my forehead again. I'd have paid a lot more for this knowledge when I started hunting deer and elk up in Oregon 55 years ago, but now the Sierra's and the Rockies kick my butt' so I'll leave it to the young fellers to make use of. The package arrived damaged from USPS, but thats not your fault.  The dvd's were ok because you packaged them well. Thanks for the prompt shipment and the email. 


03/28/2012 James Chaney - Birmingham, AL

The videos were great. Seeing multiple deer being processed really helped drive home the important points. I think I will be able to do this myself now and avoid the processor entirely as I will be grinding all my meat. I do have one question though. How do you address the colon? I noticed you didn't "carve out" the anus like normal and it looked like you severed the colon when you partially gutted the animal to get at the inside tenderloins. thanks again. Answer:  Thanks for the feedback James. You are correct, I do not touch anything inside the pelvic cavity but on the video footage that you just received, I did sever the intestines before processing the inside tenderloins. After receiving multiple replies asking this same question, I modified my methods further. In the footage that I captured this past season, I started just pushing the intestine out of the way while I took out the tenderloins. This way you are not taking any chance of contaminating your knife. I have a lot of editing remaining but I plan to release my next set of DVD’s before hunting season starts back up. They will contain a lot of larger bucks ( 7, 8, 9, & 10 pointers ) being processed, showing how to take a skull cap of the antlers on a deer that you decided not to mount, & how to completely cut up a hind leg while in the process of making my recipe for jerky that is listed on my web site. 


10/27/2011 Pete Kantor & sons - Tallahassee, Fl.

Randy, thanks for the quick send out of your video. One of my sons killed his first deer on opening day in Georgia, so we decided to try your method for the first time also. We were all impressed - the first video on disc # 1 was easy to follow- we were done before we knew it -no gutting, no sawing, no loppers. We had no meat loss other than a little rib meat. You can use a smaller cooler & less ice also - plus we're saving on processing fees. Randy, thanks for sharing your deer process with us & making a great day for us a whole lot easier.


09/12/2011 Doug Newell- Oskaloosa, IA

Thanks for getting the video's out quick. Haven't tried the process on a deer yet but I can see this is going to be a time saver and much easier than the way I was doing it before. I'm always glad to help out a fellow hunter, hope you and your family are having good luck hunting and I bet that boy is about 25 by now. Happy Hunting.


09/09/2011 Dave Jordan - Murray, KY

Hello Randy this is Dave. Got the dvd's today. Sat down and watched them. Good job on the videos and showing the steps. This will change the way I process deer. Thanks a lot and you have great hunting season. Dave


03/21/2011 Gregory Hunt - Jefferson City, MO

I saw this on you tube and I like what you are showing I can hardly wait to try it out this deer season.


01/09/2011 Richard Lamb - League City, TX

I just by chance saw the video on you-tube and liked the quick way of processing the deer.I actually did it your way this week on a doe that was harvested.I am going to give this video to my brother-in-law who for the first time went deer hunting and took his first deer.He did good except for the smell which just about made him vomit,which i thought was funny.He'll get used to it.Thanks again for the reply.


01/09/2011 James Head - Humble, TX

Randy- Can't tell you how much I liked the videos and learning about the process. Actually, the real "hero" of your video was your knife. What do you use and why? This might be a very interesting topic to use as a "refresher" for your website..... that is, a new topic and possibly, a new product to sell to your customer base. Additionally, I would really like to see the same process repeated on larger game.... such as elk or moose. Step by step, what would you do if you did not have ready means to hang a much larger animal? This would make a great addition to your "no gut" process CD series. Finally, one topic you did not touch on in the presentation..... you did not address the tarsal gland- how you should avoid it and how it affects meat- especially if coming into contact with the knife. Best regards, James Head Answer: Hello James, I normally use a Case fixed blade knife 5 or 6 inch. I have Gerber, Buck, and a few other brand knifes but the Case brand seems to hold an edge longer than any other brand that I have tried but they all will work if they are extremely sharp. I have had few other folks mention this and the process can be accomplished just as easy on the ground once you understand when and where to make your cuts. I think it is just easier to learn the process while the animal is hanging since it allows you to duplicate the actions that you have reviewed on the DVD's. I have been hunting on many occasions and taken game and then realized that I did not have my gambrel with me because my son had taken it out of my truck and not put it back so I just processed the animal on my tailgate. I only hunt Whitetail but these techniques can be applied to any species on the ground or hanging. If, you decide to remove the tarsal glands or any other glands on the deer, wash the knife that you used before processing your deer. Also wash your hands after handling the tarsal glands. Deer urinate on their tarsal glands. There is bacteria on these glands and you don't want to spread this bacterium to the meat. Happy Hunting!!!! Randy ( DeadEye ) Watkins.


12/28/2010 Richard Gantt - Manhattan, KS

We received the DVD set just prior to Christmas, sorry for the late response. However, I would like to say THANK YOU for the great videos!! I have yet to apply your techniques in the field but I am extremely excited to do so. Cheers, Richard Also Randy, I would like to ask what kind/brand of deboning knife you were using in the videos? Additionally, what kind of knife sharpening equipment do you use? Thanks in advance, Richard Answer: Hello Richard, I normally use a Case fixed blade knife 5 or 6 inch. I have Gerber, Buck, and a few other brand knifes but the Case brand seems to hold an edge longer than any other brand that I have tried but they all will work if they are extremely sharp. I use a medium & fine grit stone and sometimes I use a diamond sharpener. Happy Hunting!!!! Randy ( DeadEye ) Watkins.


12/25/2010 Thomas Lloyd - Bayview, ID

I loved your videos. I learned a lot and really appreciate your sharing your method. It makes more sense than the older and most commonly used gutting and butchering process. One thing I would like better clarification on is how to handle the genitalia and bladder. I always fear contamination or spoilage due to fluids from the bladder or intestine coming in contact with the meat. Thanks again, Tom Lloyd


12/10/2010 A. J. MarKeting - Elgin, SC

Hi Randy Got the dvd. Was hopeing to get a chance to try out your method. Looking to get my second deer this year, first one was over 20 years ago. Got busy with life and did not get time to hunt after that. I decided to make time this year since I have 90 acres of woodland right behind my house that I can hunt on. When I do eventualy get one, it may be next year at the rate I am going, I will let you know how it goes. Thanks Chuck


11/17/2010 Jim Sigmon - Fort Mill, SC

I first reviewed your DVD when a friend here at work let me take a look. I had a chance in Barnwell, SC a few weeks ago to try it out and it works like a charm. I have been deer hunting for quite a few decades and wish that I had an opportunity to view your method before now. I currently belong to a club in SC where we lease 10,000 acres (Fairfield and Chester) and have about 100 members. We hunt a lot with kids, grandkids, relatives and friends at our club and always have a prayer after the morning sign-in. I hung around the skinning shed last Saturday and suggested some of your de-boning techniques and they were received with open arms. I pointed the guys toward your web-site, hopefully they will send some business your way. If you will send me a few more of your business cards, I’ll put them on our bulletin boards. I also have access to 2 other clubs in SC. The second DVD is great where multiple deer are processed and the techniques are repeated for clarity and review. Excellent job! Keep up the good work!


11/08/2010 Mike Reynolds - Palatka, FL

Thanks Randy….just looking for a few faster tips on the shoulders and hams.


10/28/2010 Michael Williams - Fayetteville, NC

Thanks for the follow-up email! This is my first year hunting deer (I'm 33!) and I am hoping to make great use of your efficient techniques should I harvest a deer or two. I think I have the jist of your process from watching the online videos, but decided to buy them so that you were rewarded for your time and effort. Hopefully I pick up some more tricks on the DVDs that will help me jumpstart my abilities. I'm already glad that I happened across your website and I am happy to give back to you for your efforts. If I do bag a deer, I'll definitely report back on your website how my adventure plays out ! I am confident everything will go well and I can have some venison steaks. Just wishing at this point I wasn't stationed in Fayetteville because it is hard to find land to hunt on around here. I should have started hunting in Pennsylvania when I was a kid, I suppose. Anyhow, thanks for putting the product together and helping out those of us who weren't fortunate to pick up these skills on our own! Have a great season this year!


09/15/2010 Mike Vasick - Mcdonough, NY

Mike wrote: I am looking forward to trying it this year! I have processed my own deer for over 30 yrs and to be honest am tired of it! I use the "old man" method taught to me so long ago, this looks refreshing and simple! or at least simpler, I will be sure to post some feedback on FB and your site. "Ordered mine! It looks pretty cool. I have always

09/14/2010 Rob White - Cedar Rapids, IA

Rod wrote: "Everyone should order your video if they don't already do this themselves! It would be embarrassing to know how many people don't know how to skin their own deer and just drop their meat off at the butcher. Hell, that's half the fun and you know what you're getting when you unwrap your meat packages! Good Job! About time someone did one of these!!"


09/07/2010 Kevin Hopkins - Bucyrus, KS

Randy- I received the DVDs, thanks for getting the order out quick. I've only watched the first one but was wondering if there was a reason you don't competely skin the deer before removing the meat. Thanks again, Answer: Hello Kevin, I have found that I can control the hair better that comes off the hide by removing it in segments. I have pulled the hide off with my ATV, Truck, and even a tractor in the past but it always seems to cause more hair to fly onto the bare meat which I try to avoid. I can remove the hide just as fast in sections and I have better control of the process. Speed is one aspect of my process but I also don’t want to spend a lot of time when I get home washing the hair off the meat. Thanks for making the purchase and I hope that you can utilize some of my ideas in the field this coming season. Happy Hunting!!!! Randy ( DeadEye ) Watkins.


05/20/2010 Dean Justice - Bellevue, WA

Your video is just what I’m looking for. During high buck last season, I about killed myself trying to drag a mule deer off the top of a mountain (that took me a day to climb 8500 feet). I will never try to drag another deer out of the high backcountry again. I want to learn your technique, so that I can enjoy hunting in the backcountry and not have to worry about getting a deer down the mountain. I look forward to stuffing my pack with meat this coming high buck season. No bones about it!!! Thanks, Dean Justice


03/08/2010 Bill Slade - West Point , GA

I received the DVD's and watched them. I was amazed how easy you made it look! The cost is well worth it for anyone that does "field dressing" the old traditional way. Thanks for great instructions!


01/01/2010 Jeff Childress - Booneville , NC

Hey Randy,I think the videos will help alot.I had already been doing somthing similar only I still had been taking the hams with the bone still in.I think your way of deboning hams will be alot better.And I hadn't even been keeping the shoulders and neck because of all the tendons wasn't worth the work.Your way looks like it should allow me to get quite a bit more meat out of a deer with less effort and faster. Thanks alot,Jeff.


12/01/2009 Cheryl Brown - Union Mills, IN

Hi Randy Got a chance to watch your DVD and plan on processing my deer this way next time…..very cool! You evidently have a very sharp knife and I was wondering what one’s you recommend, you probably have favorites? Thanks Cheryl


02/05/2009 Kelly Singleton - Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Randy, I found the deboning video very helpful. (ordered in 12/08). Do you have a diagram or picture that explains and names the different muscle groups in the hindquarter? Please email me if you do. One suggestion would be to expand the video to show how the muscle groups are divided and what the different uses (steak, jerky, ground meat, etc) are for each muscle group. Basically going from where you finished to wrapping the meat for the freezer. Let me know if you add that segment.


01/03/2009 e.slim ( 38) - Inverness, Florida

Great way to clean a deer everyone should have this DVD AAA+++++


01/01/2009 Mardy Benson - Angier, North Carolina

Randy, I watched your DVD and I really like the process. However, I'm a little confused about the cuts around the anus / bladder area as the camera did not show this due to a bad angle. How do you make these cuts and how do you keep from rupturing the bladder and urine tube? Answer: You will see that I start by making a small cut at the base of the back legs so that the intestine starts to show. I then make that opening wider which allows me to push the intestine out of the way. The last thing that I do before I start speaking on how to remove the inside tenderloin is cut the intestine into at the base of the back legs or just above the inside tenderloin. The anus and the bladder are never touched and you can even see this in the very end of the DVD when the sun is hitting the back of the deer just right, the bladder is glowing inside the pelvis after all the meat has been removed from the deer.


12/21/2008 Tom Gibson - Mountain Home, Arkansas

After watching the video I am confused about exactly how you handle the anus and the bladder. Can you clarify this for me please? For the price the video is good. I think with some better camera work and maybe a slower job to allow for more description you could charge a lot more. Answer: You will see that I start by making a small cut at the base of the back legs so that the intestine starts to show. I then make that opening wider which allows me to push the intestine out of the way. The last thing that I do before I start speaking on how to remove the inside tenderloin is cut the intestine into at the base of the back legs or just above the inside tenderloin. The anus and the bladder are never touched and you can even see this in the very end of the DVD when the sun is hitting the back of the deer just right, the bladder is glowing inside the pelvis after all the meat has been removed from the deer.


12/07/2008 semelroth2005 ( 86) - Lagrange, Kentucky

Good stuff, real informative.


12/03/2008 skhuard ( 53) - RockHill, South Carolina

Item is exactly as described. Super fast shipping. Great asset! A+++++++


11/28/2008 scfishr ( 175) - Swansea, South Carolina

Excellent communication, fast shipping, Everything AOK A++++++++++++


11/24/2008 jlb_077 ( 45) - Atlanta, Texas

great video


09/22/2008 kaders** ( 225)

Good Content will save time in De-Boning! Recommend for the Do-it-yourself


05/29/2008 Paul - South Dakota

I think you have an interesting idea here. Good luck. I think you have a great product.


04/24/2008 jovush ( 19)

Thanks! Highly recommend video - takes pain out of processing. I'll be using


04/09/2008 Gus Brown - Mt.Holly, North Carolina

“This is the best deer processing video out there, whether you are a rookie hunter with no experience cleaning a deer or a seasoned veteran of the deer woods, you will not learn a better technique that reduces the mess from field dressing and shortens the time spent at the cleaning station. I was amazed at the process and will be implementing it next season, I only regret not knowing this information 10 years ago!”


04/08/2008 Bill Pierson - Richmond, Michigan

Hi Randy, I received your DVD on how to skin and de-bone a deer in 15 minutes. I had a chance to review it and I can't wait for this fall to apply your techniques. I'll be 43 this summer and have hunted since 18 I'm 6'7" tall and have lower back troubles. After watching your DVD I believe I can use your techniques to skin and de-bone a deer in 15 minutes and save my back. This process would have normally taken me 1-1 1/2 hours and I would have been sore for 2 days. I think I'll be ably to apply this method to Elk and Mule deer this Sept. in Colorado. I did enjoy the other film about hunting camp it brought back memories, with a little more drinking, swearing and cigar smoke it would be just like some of the hunting camps I've been blessed to be a part of. Good Luck


03/07/2008 Bill Pierson - Richmond, Michigan

Randy, I found your website on's website under ads. I'm 43 years old and 6'7" tall and if I skin and quarter my deer it takes well over an hour and my back is sore for several days. I'm looking forward to checking out your technique even if it takes a half hour it will still save my back. I also sent it to all my hunting buddies.