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How to Skin & De-Bone a Deer in < 15 min. without "Gutting."
This site will provide a link for you to purchase a  2 DVD SET for Only $9.99      How to Skin & De-Bone a Whitetail Deer in less than 15 minutes without ever "Field Dressing" aka "Gutting."   These DVD's now contain a total of 5 deer being processed.  One of the deer is a nice 8 pointer that I show caping out to be mounted and then the de-boning process follows.  It also contains 3 kills captured on video and some interesting footage around deer camps all over the south east.  All of the processing I walk you through step by step and all major steps are setup as individual chapters on the DVD's so you can go back to that specific scene and review it over and over if necessary.  Both DVD's contain a lot of funny & enjoyable footage as well as showing the avid hunter how to easily process a deer of any size.  The name DEADEYE, for those of you that were wondering, was given to me by a long time buddy that I have known for over 25 years, Gary Ganous.  He always called me "OLD DEADEYE" and the name stuck.  I also operate a hunt club under the same name.  Gary moved out of state about 18 years ago but we still talk from time to time.  He has & will always be like my second father.   PAGE DOWN TO CONTINUE READING BELOW.

My dad (Randall) & my uncle (Jimmy) introduced me to Deer Hunting at a young age but I was the first to take a deer, of the three of us, at the age of 11.  I have hunted Whitetail Deer in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, & Alabama for the last 38 years.  They both had hunted rabbits for years and that first deer was cut up just like a rabbit but it took 3 - 4 hours longer.  For those that know me well can atest to the fact that hunting high is my secret.  You will find me up somewhere between 40 - 50 ft. in my Tree Lounge Stand unless it is bow season and I stick around the 30 ft. range.  I have taken 168 deer as of this year 2014, 90 + bucks, most of wish I "Gutted like most hunters until about 18 years ago. 

About 18 years ago, I began to hang the deer and proceed by removing the hide, removing both front legs, removing the neck, removing the tenderloins ( inside & outside ), cutting the backbone into at the back legs to discard the entire body cavity with the entrails in tack, and then splitting the pelvis and removing the back legs.  All of these deer parts still had the bone in them and required additional work when I got home before I could process the quarters into steaks, hamburger, etc. or just package my deer quarters and place them in the freezer.  Then one day about 13 years ago, I had a brain storm to change my ways and start removing all the meat from the bones while the deer was still hanging.  I had many hunters tell me over the years after I started this method that I needed to video my self and start selling the footage.  I finally did just that about 7 years ago and I have been selling these over the internet since that point. 

Each year I have modified my methods and have in the process become very efficient in where and when to make certain cuts.  I specified in one of the DVD's that the average deer in the SOUTH weighs between 100 - 150 lbs. but I go through the same steps regardless of the size of the animal unless it happens to be a trophy that will be mounted.  Once I have preserved my cape for the deer to be mounted, then I proceed in deboning the deer just like I would any other deer.  This process will work on many different species of mammals although I will only demonstrate on the Whitetail Deer. 

This process is meant to speed up the time after you have pulled the trigger and save you a lot of money if you still wish to have the meat processed.  How many of you have passed up on that shot late in the evening because you thought about how long it would take you to get the deer processed before you could go home?  Your worries are over.  After you view my DVD's, you will be able to completely skin & de-bone and have your deer in a cooler before most people could unload their gun up and load up their ATV.  Here is a tip that I have done for years, take your old 64 oz. drink bottles and put water in them and place them in the freezer at your hunt camp.  After you have de-boned your deer, place two of these bottles in the cooler and there is no need to stop at the store and buy ice.  These frozen bottles will last at least 24 hours.  Anybody can load up their deer and take it to a processing house, but then the question is how long is my deer going to lye there before they have time to process it and get it into refrigeration?  Normally, if you take a deer to a processor that has been de-boned, your process fee will be cut in half.  My number one goal with the footage contained on these DVD's is to teach the avid hunter what steps to take to make the hunt that much more enjoyable & less time consuming after you make the shot.   


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